Capitol Hill is a Neighborhood of Living History

For more than 200 years, stretching in front of the U.S. Capitol building on wide avenues, the neighborhood of Capitol Hill has lived an organic and varied life. Established by the federal government in the late 1700′s as a boarding house community for members of Congress, Capitol Hill has represented a unique brand of living ever since.In 1890, a senator’s dream of an electric street car community on the outskirts of Washington D.C. farmland became what The Washington Post called,”The best suburb in the nation’s capitol.” To so many, Chevy Chase D.C. and it’s sister neighborhood Chevy Chase MD, both named for a private tract of land owned by Lord Baltimore himself in the mid 1700s, became the finest example of early 20th century residential living. At mid-century and after the war the neighborhood became a mecca of Sears catalogue homes, granting middle class status to those who wanted to live near the city. However, the second half of the century saw dramatic growth with commercial and residential options bursting onto the scene along Connecticut Avenue. Chevy Chase provided easy access to downtown while furnishing residents with distinctive and prestigious living.


Now it is the largest historical residential neighborhood in all of Washington D.C., boasting some of the cities most beautiful Victorian and Colonial row houses. Capitol Hill also has unique condo projects and modern refurbished properties, giving the old beauty an updated flair. With quaint cobblestone sidewalks, commercial corridors with retail shops, fine dining, and nightlife, Capitol Hill is never asleep.

If you want a true taste of what makes the neighborhood special try the Eastern Market on 7th Street SE. Established in 1873, it is still home to vendors peddling fresh meat, cheeses, and produce in indoor stalls and outdoor stands. Every weekend the areas around Eastern Market expand into a large outdoor flea market and craft fair, drawing visitors from all over the city. If you’d like to live in an area teeming with rich history, surrounded by the buildings in which our country is run, and experience a tightly knit community without sacrificing that city vibe, try Capitol Hill, where history and power are blocks away.