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Carver-Langston begins at the corner of Benning Road NE and Bladensburg Road NE—the iconic (or infamous, depending on traffic) Starburst Intersection at the eastern end of the H Street Corridor. From there, it branches out eastward until it reaches the grounds of the National Arboretum and the Langston Golf Course.

While Carver and Langston are technically two separate neighborhoods, they have long been considered part of a pair. Their names are derived from two famous African-American figures: the agriculturalist George Washington Carver and John Mercer Langston, a politician and architect of Howard University’s law school.

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Langston’s name is linked with another aspect of the neighborhood’s history, the Langston Golf Course. Opened to the public in 1939, the 18-hole course was one of the first in DC to open to African-American golfers.

While the golf course looks to be protected for the foreseeable future, the same can’t be said of a more commercial icon of the neighborhood: Hechinger Mall.

Built in 1981 and named for the home-improvement store once located there, the strip mall is being eyed as the prime site for commercial and residential developments. While official plans for the site have yet to emerge, some upcoming development projects near the site include a 180-unit mixed-use development at 1701 H Street NE and a second phase of the Flats at Atlas (an expected five stories and over 300 units).


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