One of the more informative DC real estate blogs, UrbanTurf, recently outlined the property tax appeal process. Here's what to do if you don't agree with your assessment...

1. Get started right away. Your appeal must be filed on or before April 1

2. Call your assessor. The contact information for the person who assessed your property should be listed on the assessment that came in the mail. You can call and get an idea of why the home was assessed at the value on the assessment and why it might have changed from a previous year.

3. Gather your evidence. OTR warns that you should be specific in your appeal and have hard evidence to back up your claims.

4. File a first-level appeal. You can claim that the assessment is incorrect based on the home’s estimated market value (a recent appraisal, for example), and several over factors.

5. Appeal to the Real Property Tax Appeals Commission within 45 days of having a first-level appeal denied.

6. Appeal to the DC Superior Court. As a last resort, property owners can appeal RPTAC’s decision to the DC Superior Court